Here at AVS we have a full acoustic sound recording booth available to hire by the hour in house but also for film location hire where a silent and clean environment can allow for wild tracks, previews, privacy during phone calls and much more.

The booth measures 2m x 2m internally with a height of 214cm

External measurements are 212.5cm (length) x 212.5cm (width) x 222.5cm (height) and then an additional 12.5cm depth and 12.5cm height for the ventilation system.

Build time is under 5 hours

This is not one of those flimsy, portable, lightweight DIY booths. This is a heavy duty, metal framed professional booth with full acoustic HEPA ventilation, sound proofing insulation and a door that wouldn't look out of place in a vault.

If you would like to use one of our in house booths for podcasts, interviews, singing, instrumental recordings or anything else then please feel free to get in touch to book a slot.

If you are interested in hiring a booth for location hire (minimum hire 3 weeks) or even as a set prop then one of our friendly team would be happy to assist.